Speedlow came into being in March 2009 by John Tsiakopoulos and Costas Papaspyrou in Athens, Greece.

After a bumpy road with other bands and projects, they decided it was time for them to create something new, something that would combine all the characteristics they were looking for in a band and would leave out all of those that ruin a band.
Elements such as devotion and stubbornness (in the good way), melody, heaviness, energy, groove, originality (as far as possible, given the times we live in) and above all, the will to work as much as needed to reach the bands goals and meet its expectations.
The band plays heavy metal music with influences from the classic heavy metal and doom genres, with a strong presence of melody, harmony and rhythm.


Speedblow is:


John T - Guitars

Costas P - Guitars

John D - Drums

Nick F - Vocals

Marios M - Bass

The band’s first release came in August 2009 in the form of a self-titled promo EP. 500 pieces were printed on the bands expense and given away in live shows and to the press.
In September 2009 the band started working on its first full length album "Fields Of Doom" which was released in February 2010.The album included 11 brand new tracks and was released in both CD and Vinyl, again in the band’s expense via Trailblazer Records. Many shows took place in Athens, Greece but also in the rest of the country with a few stand outs like the support acts to Truckfighters (SWE), Clutch (USA) and YEAR OF THE GOAT (SWE).
In May 2013, after a 2 year brake and some line-up changes, the band released the 2-track EP “Resurrection” and in March 2014 their second full length “Behold the Darkness”.
3 years later in October 2017 comes "When Giants Walked The Earth" the band's third full album and more mature work so far.
Speedblow is a strongly motivated band that will continuously make music and support it in any way possible, even if it means relocating in another part of this world....or another.